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So You’re Interested?

Once we are both satisfied there’s a good “fit” for your business, that there’s a solid “win” for you, the fee for our service is US $495.

But first let’s make sure.

To get the ball rolling and submit the Form you can just click here.

After I read your answers in the Form I’ll do a little research, then we’ll chat and make sure we have a good “fit.”

But I recommend that you read this page to understand the details first.

However, if you are in a hurry you can email me – Steve Jackson – at
stevej  @ (without the spaces, of course).
Or call me at 604-294-3133 to open a discussion.
If I am not available, note that you will be informed you have reached Synchronix Technologies, then choose the option to leave a message for Steve Jackson. Thank you.

FYI: Your Easy 6 Steps from here to “Published!”

Step 1. Read “Exactly What I’ll Do” and “Target Outcomes” and “My Guarantee,” below.

Step 2. Complete the simple Form. It takes 2 minutes max.

Step 3: We’ll chat by phone or Skype or via emails and make sure you’re a “fit”

Step 4: Make payment — THIS IS WHEN ONE OF THE REMAINING PRESS RELEASES IS ALLOCATED TO YOU and taken off the table.

Step 5: We’ll discuss a topic and choose an “angle,” then I’ll do all the prep, write the Press Release and submit it to you for final approval.

Step 6: I submit it to be Published.

FYI: Exactly What I’ll Do

Within 24 hours of receiving the Form you submit (and probably inside 8 hours) I’ll visit your web site. Learn a little about your community.

ASAP — I’ll arrange an initial chat – phone or Skype ideally — we’re doing business with each other for the first time, you are placing some trust in me, it’s important.

As soon as I receive Payment into my company’s PayPal account (you can pay via your own PayPal account or else by Credit Card; you don’t need to have your own PayPal account to pay by credit card) then …

Phone or Skype, you and I will chat and discover a good theme and “angle” for a Press Release to give you what you’re looking for. Remember I have 150+ “angles” to start with but you might have entirely different ideas. This won’t be difficult. I’ll ask for the background information I need.

I’ll perform keyword research to give us a good shot at competitive and less-competitive keyword rankings that will find eyeballs that you’re interested in.

I’ll write the article, including I’ll suggest (draft) a couple of quotes from you as the business owner. It will naturally include keywords, of course, in context. (No “keyword stuffing” – that doesn’t work any more and anyway, this is written for people to read and become engaged, and it has to pass a quality writing test.)

I’ll Create the Title, which is a key keyword element.

I’ll write the “Abstract” that goes at the beginning.

I’ll make sure we’re in agreement with the business name and the exact wording, spelling and formatting of your address and phone number — this is important for effective Citations.

You may provide me with a relevant image; in which case it’ll go inside the Press Release and I’ll optimize it first for file name, properties, etc.

I’ll choose an eye-catching image or else create one, and optimize it — this is associated with the press release but not part of it and serves to capture attention.

I’ll submit the piece to you for review, to edit any errors, make suggestions, and if you choose, to “wordsmith” the quotes.

When I receive it back, I’ll make any final changes and submit it for editorial review. The Publishing platform I use has very strict standards — this is why Google trusts it — and they provide me with feedback on a host of criteria. If I’m not up to standard, they won’t publish!

If necessary, I’ll make final adjustments, then publish.

We add a little “secret sauce!” I’ll submit the Press Release to a Syndication service I use … they then “Syndicate” the published document to a group of Social sites. This suggests to Google that the Press Release is generating some attention and boosts the chances of it being ranked higher for some search terms, and being ranked for more search terms, as well as boosts the chances of it remaining ranked for longer. We do a few other things in the background, too.

I’ll track “views” on the initial Published version and confirm some keyword rankings — I don’t do an exhaustive job on the rankings tracking, just enough to prove the Press Release is indeed being ranked and let you see how a listing appears on the Search Engine results. You’ll probably want to run some checks from your own location, of course.

FYI: Target Outcomes

The Essence: We’re aiming to get a professional-appearing Press Release in front of as many relevant eyeballs as possible, as fast as possible, and in a way that keeps some of the published Press Releases ranked for weeks and ideally months for some keywords/search terms; and with content that influences people to click on links and visit your web site or Youtube video or Facebook page or to physically visit your place of business.

We guarantee that if a particular Press Release for some reason fails to perform (we’ll define that in a minute) then we’ll write and publish a second one for you within 45 days at no charge to you.

Realistically, the outcomes of each Press Release are predictable in broad terms but unpredictable in detail.

  • For example, it WILL be ranked for several keywords, perhaps scores, perhaps 100’s.
  • It WILL be viewed by 100’s of people, perhaps 1000’s, and perhaps 5-figures worth.
  • Links in a Press Release WILL trigger clicks to your website. Could be a few, could be a flood, there is no way to predict the scale.
  • It WILL be picked up by many other News Sites; probably scores, maybe 100+.
  • Links from your Press Release to your website, as the PR is picked up by more News Sites and published, WILL be recognized by Google — but the impact of that recognition is not predictable in terms of “quantified” ranking impact. The nature and scale of the impact is a debated topic even among SEO experts.
  • Your business name, address, phone numbers on multiple pick-ups WILL be recognized by Google as “Citations” — but the impact is not predictable in terms of, being sufficient to move you into the so-called “3-pack” even if you have done everything else right in Google’s eyes.

There are many other factors.

Press Releases CAN be used to get many companies into the 3-pack for some useful keywords, some SEO specialists consider them to be ideal for this … but it’s usually a multi-press-release strategy. It can take 4 or more, usually needs at least 2 and that’s by no means assured. And it often calls for monthly new Releases to keep you in the 3-pack once you’re there. I am not trying to push you towards this — just keeping it real.


FYI: My Guarantee

I might construct a custom guarantee with you as a result of our initial discussion, but our baseline deal is:

If the Statistics for the Published version of the Press Release — like the ones I showed earlier where there were 6,319 views — don’t show at least 500 views AND at least 20 “pick-ups” by other Online News Services sometime during 30 days after Publication, I’ll write and publish another Press Release at no charge within 45 days of the first one being published.

So you understand: If you receive 500 views then you KNOW the initial Published version is being ranked on page 1 for some useful keywords; and if you receive 20 pick-ups then you KNOW that the total number of views, including the ones we can’t track, is going to be much higher than just those 500.

Probably the strongest Guarantee of all — your fee is protected by Paypal, in the event I don’t deliver what I say.

Here’s the relevant paragraph:
“If an eligible item that you’ve purchased doesn’t arrive or doesn’t match the seller’s description, we’ll look into it. If it’s discovered that something is wrong and you’ve met our eligibility requirements, our Purchase Protection program will reimburse you for the full purchase price of the item plus original shipping costs.”

My service is considered “Eligible.”

If you wanted to double-check, go here:


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