Intro to Press Releases

Probably the single most valuable service no-one’s ever offered you!

This Video will probably blow your mind as you see benefit after benefit stacking up.

There is a marketer’s mantra: one problem, one solution.

But occasionally you find “That One Thing” that provides a whole HOST of really, really good benefits.

Well, Press Releases — high quality ones, via a high quality platform, not the free ones or even most of the “template” crap that’s often touted — can be extraordinarily effective.

Now, start by clearing your head of all preconceptions.

In the “old days” Press Releases had to be real news and you directed them towards journalists in the hope that one of them would get interested and run with the story in a local or ideally national media outlet.

Well, it’s very much to your benefit that this isn’t true today.
Press Releases today — Online Press Releases — are an entirely different animal than most people realize.

How they are written, what they look like, how they are distributed, and your Business Objectives … as i said, start with a clean mental slate.

Just ONE of the benefits typically includes more customers (and consequently, more sales). True regardless of whether you are a bricks-and-mortar business or an online business; and whether you sell only face to face or via a web site.

If this was the ONLY benefit then the Press Release tactic would already have clear value. High value.

But this is only ONE benefit.

And the beauty of Press Releases, ESPECIALLY in smaller communities is that the impact can be big, the impact can be fast, yet most smaller businesses have no clue this strategy even exists.

The few that do know, typically have no clue how to take advantage of them.

And the tiny minority that are clued-in often perceive that the obstacles to admission are too high.

Well, they are wrong on every count … if you use me.
I’m in a position where I can remove ALL the obstacles for just 6 – 10 businesses a month.

It’s the type of thing you can do just once, and reap solid benefits.
Or repeat from time to time, and reap stacked benefits.
Or do regularly, and reap highly-stacked benefits.

Of course, you’d only do it more than once when the benefits areĀ  clear and tangible. Again, visit this video for an initial explanation – although of course, beyond the first one it’s results in the bank that will persuade you to run a second. Or third.

Depending on your circumstances and your goals, this might be perfect for you or it might be an “I’ll pass, thanks.” But it’ll only take a few minutes for you to learn enough make an informed decision.

Below are some links, if you want to dive deeper into the topic.

But if you want to get the ball rolling, go here to get Details and Pricing and see the next step.

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