What Would My Press Release Be About?

What on earth would my Press Release be About?

This is one of the single biggest roadblocks for any of your competitors who might have thought about Press Releases (which won’t be many of them — which is to your benefit, of course, and you want to keep it that way, if you pursue this strategy!)

But just be aware: in my files I have more than 130 … actually I think it’s now more than 235 Reasons for issuing a Press Release, and those are just starting ideas!

I said earlier, “forget your preconceptions.”
Yes, to be picked up by Authority News Sites your Press Release does to some degree have to be perceived as “News.”

But this doesn’t have to be “Big News.” You know, man beaten up by a rabid budgerigar, that type of story.

Provided it’s structured correctly and written correctly — all of which is my job, and my editor’s job — there are ALWAYS justifications for a Press Release. Almost unlimited.

Oh, and you don’t have to have DONE something. Or reached a milestone or whatever.

You can deliberately SET OUT to DO something — and that makes it newsworthy, too.
You could, for example, decide to have an Employee of the Month award. And issue a Press release announcing that Sue-Ann Bloggs received the Employee of the month award at …. etc.

There’s always SOMETHING.

Now, a lot depends on what you/we want to achieve.
If your main goal is to get new clients for a new treatment that your spa or clinic offers, then the new treatment might be the main theme.

If your main goal is to boost your Brand, we’ll try for a theme that makes your brand or your store or your business look good in the eyes of the community. And be memorable.

If your main goal is to get as many links as possible from Press Releases to your web site to boost it’s rankings … we might construct a theme that is designed to be widely attractive from a social perspective. To get more pick-ups.

And of course, elements like researching the search terms play a role in this.

A Press Release covering the fact that you repainted the lines between parking spots in your parking area isn’t going to get ranked for many keywords. But if you look at some trending themes that you have some connection with, and build a Press Release around that — it’s called “News Jacking” — you can get picked up and well-ranked by a LOT of major news outlets.

If we agree to work together we’ll send you to an online form where you give us some background — nothing confidential, just to help us do a little initial research and get a clearer picture of you or the business or your services or products.

Then I’ll personally phone you to understand more closely what we can do to your benefit; and to explore some angles with you.

There are always “angles” … ways to frame the same thing to be ranked for different search phrases and “slant” the topic in a different way.

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